Payment policy

  • The Service Provider and the User conclude an Agreement in which one of the main parts is the Payment Policy. The definitions used in the Agreement are interpreted in the meanings indicated in other parts of the Agreement.

  • By registering for Casino7, the Customer agrees to the Terms. He accepts obligations to pay for Services and Products ordered from the Provider. The Client also pays other expenses, for example, taxes and duties (depending on the laws of the country of residence).

  • User is responsible for the full and timely payment of fees. The financial services provider pays in the amounts indicated on Casino7 and is not responsible for the payment of other amounts by the Client. After clicking on the “Payment” button, a payment is made and cannot be canceled.

  • When registering an account on Casino7, the Customer accepts the Terms. By this, he confirms informed financial payments and other actions. Before crediting money to the account, it's necessary to familiarize yourself with the laws of the country of residence.

  • After accepting the Terms and being the owner of the account on Casino7, the Client confirms the right to use the Services. The user is legally responsible for complying with the laws of the country in which he accepts the Services of the Provider. Thus, the Provider is free from liability for illegal operations.

  • Failure to process data on the Customer’s payment card and the banл refusal to transfer funds is not the responsibility of the Financial Services Provider. The Provider is also not responsible for the completeness, quality, volume of Services offered or received by the Customer on Casino7 through a personal bank card. The cardholder is fully responsible for financial transactions. The User agrees to timely pay for the Website Services, any fees and other expenses. The Proveder only makes the payment in the amount indicated by the Client, and is not responsible for changes in the cost. If for any reason the User does not agree with the above conditions, the Provider has the right to ask the User to refuse payment on time. In this case, it's necessary to write to the technical support service of the Website.

  • When replenishing the account, you cannot raise the money of other persons, for example, friends or close relatives. The client needs to deposit funds only from a personal bank card or account drawn up in his full name. If this rule is violated, the Provider may confiscate the funds won on Casino7.

  • To identify the Client, the Provider implements various methods and procedures. The main way is to provide copies of personal documents, for example, a passport, identification number, driver’s license, bank statements, payment cards. In rare cases, a Skype video call is made. If the Client refuses or is unable to send such data, the account service is temporarily suspended. All restrictions are removed at the time of providing the necessary information. In any other case, the Provider has the right to close the account completely.

  • Important information! If the main currency of the account and the currency of replenishment of the account are different, then all funds are converted at the internal rate of the website. In this case, the Issuing Bank may withdraw commission.

  • If fraudulent payment actions are suspected, the use of other people's bank cards and other operations, the Provider may block the Client's account. Along with the blocking, payments are canceled and winnings are canceled. The Privider has the right to notify the regulatory authorities and state structures of the illegal actions of the Client. The Provider has the right to use the services of collectors for a refund. The Provider is not responsible for the facts of illegal use of payment cards, regardless of the received reports of theft.

  • If problems are found in the operation of the Website and financial transactions, then you should contact technical support. E-mail is used to contact operators.

  • All questions regarding payment transactions can be sent by mail.